The “Research Center for Industrial Metal Processing“ (ReCIMP) exists since 2013 and the second project stage started in 2018.

The various research projects are assigned to six high-priority research areas:

• Extension of forming limits
• Advanced high-strength steels
• Alternative production methods
• Flexible production
• Hybrid structures
• Standards for processing of metal

Within this framework, various IUL researchers and students work on specific projects, some of these projects are supported by external funding. Numerous student theses have been completed within ReCIMP or are still running. This team setup provides an excellent basis for high level research activities and continuous input of new ideas of industrial relevance.

Detailed information and selected results can be found on the respective project pages.


Extension of forming limits

Improvement of product properties by selective induction of residual stresses in incremental sheet metal forming

Characterization of advanced Steel grades

Evaluation of global and local ductillity of AHSS and stainless steel
Influence of the cutting edge on the formability of steel




Additive manufacturing of hot forging dies
Temperature-supported forming in progressive die
Green Manufacturing

Flexible production

Incremental sheet-bulk metal forming

Understanding shape deviations for non-round converter design


Shape prediction and improvement for expansion of non-round tubes

Lightweight structures

Processing of materials with wall thicknesses below 0.8 mm

Processing of tubes

Consideration of the friction conditions during hydroforming
Characterization of tubular material along the process chain
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